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School Council

All of our children are offered the opportunity to be a school council member. Every term, each class votes for who they would like their school council reps to be.

The school council reps then attend meetings and work with the Head Boy and Head Girl to support them in bringing about positive change within the school. The school council reps share the collective responses of their classes with the Head Boy and Head Girl. The Head Boy and Head Girl then liaise directly with the school’s leadership team.

The school council has had real impact. It has organised charity and fundraising events in response to global disasters, it brought back the school disco and it has led change to playtimes through spend on activities for the playgrounds.

The school leadership team really values you the thoughts and opinions of all of the children though the school. The school council is one way that the school can ensure it is serving the children and community to the best of its ability.

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