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Leadership Team

Luke Williams

Headteacher & DSL

Sylvie Evens

Assistant Head & KS1Lead 

Currently on Maternity leave

Jack Hatton

Assistant Head & SENDCo 

Lucy Dines

KS2 Lead 

Admin Team

Lindsay Delve

Admin Assistant

Sarah Rice
Admin Assistant

Kitchen Staff

Elena Fairchild
Kitchen Manager 

Charlotte Hall

Kitchen Assistant

Carla Bowden
Kitchen Assistant


Claire Dunn


Cherry Class

Miss Martha Barne

Oak Class

Year 1

Mrs Sylvie Evens

Currently on Maternity leave

Miss Jenny Harvey

Maternity Cover

Pine Class

Year 2

Miss Kate Whitehouse


Cypress Class

Year 3

Mr James Dawes

Cedar Class

Year 4

Mr Ryan Toghill

Sycamore Class

Year 5

Mr Jack Hatton

Maple Class

Year 6

Mrs Lucy Dines


Theresa Cainey
Natalie Cousins

Danielle Betts
Alex Clarke

 Cleaning Team

Sandra Green


Tracey Tempan


Safeguarding and
Pastoral Team

Luke Williams

Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Claire Kelley 

Safeguarding Officer & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Jack Hatton


Maddie Hughes

Assistant SENDCo

Sylvie Evens

Safeguarding Level 3

Teaching Assistants

Hilary Hitchcock

Melanie Johns

Poppy Harrison

Giselle Flemming

Rachel Oliver

Naomi Woods

Our Staff

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