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Our Church School Vision

Our vision of ‘Life in all its fullness’ John 10:10 underpins and inspires us in all that we do. Our vision, while deeply Christian, is for the common good of the whole community. Our curriculum has been shaped and developed around the core ambitions of the Church of England’s vision for education statement. We set out to ‘educate for wisdom, knowledge and skills’, ‘educate for hope and aspirations’, ‘educate for community and living well together’, ‘education for dignity and respect’.

Our school is blessed and privileged to have strong and supportive links with our local church. We regularly visit our parish Church, St Thomas Church. Reverend Sarah Cumming and Reverend David Nixon are regular visitors to our school. They not only work with the children, but also with the staff and governors to support the school. Through small community projects, the work with the church is really enhanced.

We also seek to create other strong links in our community through the support we receive from the ICE Team (Initiatives in Christian Education). The ICE Team visit the school fortnightly to deliver worships. We also visit and support initiatives that the ICE Team have set up through different points of the year.

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